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The genus Amnestus Dallas (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Cydnidae: Amnestinae) in Mexico, with the description of eleven new species from Chiapas



The genus Amnestus is one of the most diverse genera of burrowing bugs. In recent years it has been possible to obtain great quantities of specimens, including some new species, due to collecting in special habitats and using different trapping techniques. In this paper we describe eleven new species for the state of Chiapas, Mexico. Full descriptions, illustrations of dorsal habitus, fore and hind legs, prosternal carina, external scent efferent system, and paramere of the new species: A. carinopilosus, A. chiapensis, A. cristobalensis, A. denticulatus, A. laevifemoralis, A. longinoi, A. lorenae, A. marcelae, A. puncticarinatus, A. santiagensis, A. septemclavatus, are included. Amnestus bergrothi and Amnestus stali are redescribed, also illustrated, and lectotypes assigned, because they were originally described based on females. The original description of Amnestus dallasi is also included, because it was described based on one female and it is the only specimen known. Brief descriptions of the other 14 Mexican known species and their distribution are also included. A key and a general discussion to separate the 28 Mexican species are also provided.


burrowing bugs, biodiversity


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