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Further notes on South American species of Baetidae (Ephemeroptera) assigned to Moribaetis Waltz & McCafferty, 1985



The types of the remaining two South American species classified in Moribaetis Waltz & McCafferty, 1985 were studied. Moribaetis comes (Navás, 1912) is designated as a nomen dubium based on the lack of information in the original description, the damaged type and the resultant improbability of assigning specimens to this species. The type-material of M. aneto (Traver, 1971), on the other hand, is well-preserved. Based on the morphology of males and females, we propose a new combination, Camelobaetidius aneto. In conclusion, we consider the genus Moribaetis to be absent from South America.


American Interchange, New Combination, Nomen Dubium, Camelobaetidius


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