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Paraqianlabeo lineatus, a new genus and species of labeonine fishes (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from South China



Paraqianlabeo, new genus, is described from the Chishui-He and Wu-Jiang rivers of the Yangtze River basin in Guizhou Province, South China. This new genus is distinguished from all other labeonine genera by a combination of morphological and molecular evidence. It is distinguished from all other Asian garrains by a unique oromandibular morphology; i.e., an arched, wide, rudimentary sucker formed by raised front and lateral margins of lower lip, postlabial groove and mental groove between middle and lateral lobes of lower lip chevron-shaped; anteroventral margin of rostral cap arched, thin and papillose; rostral cap not overlying upper lip, upper lip connected with lower lip around corners of mouth; well developed upper lip free from upper jaw; lower lip divided into two lateral fleshy lobes and one central plate, these two lateral fleshy lobes small and short, median lobe of lower lip large; anterior and anterolateral edges of upper and lower lip finely papillose; shallow, straight groove between lower lip and lower jaw; lower jaw bears thin, cornified cutting edge. Additionally, scales on mid-ventral region from pectoral fins to pelvic fins subcutaneous and half-hidden; dorsal fin with 3 simple and 7½-8 branched rays. Paraqianlabeo lineatus, new species, type species of this genus, has longitudinal dark stripe along side of body. Analyses of mitochondrial DNA data indicate that this new genus forms a highly diverged lineage within the Garraina group of Labeoninae.



taxonomy, Garraina, new genus, Yangtze River drainage, Guizhou Province

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