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A revision of the genus Nyctimenius Gressitt, 1951 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Lamiinae), with description of a new species



A taxonomic revision of the genus Nyctimenius Gressitt is presented. A new species, N. chiangi sp. nov., is described from China. Two new combinations, N. mamutensis (Hayashi, 1975) comb. nov. and N. sabahensis (Hayashi, 1975) comb. nov., are proposed. A new status, N. palawanicus (Aurivillius, 1922) stat. n., is proposed, and a lectotype is designated for N. palawanicus. The male terminalia and aedeagus of N. ochraceovittatus are described for the first time. Nyctimenius is redescribed, and a key to Nyctimenius species is presented.


Cerambycidae, Nyctimenius, new species, new combinations, new status, China

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