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Reconsideration of Xysticus species described by Ehrenfried Schenkel from Mongolia and China in 1963 (Araneae: Thomisidae)



The types of nine Xysticus species described by Schenkel (1963) from China and Mongolia are revised. Comments on all 16 species described by Schenkel in 1963 are provided. Three species are synonymised with Xysticus davidi Schenkel, 1963: X. excavatus Schenkel, 1963, syn. n., X. hotingchiehi Schenkel, 1963, syn. n., X. pentagonius Seyfulina & Mikhailov, 2004, syn. n. Xysticus fagei Schenkel 1963, syn. n. is a junior synonym of X. ephippiatus Simon, 1880. Xysticus lesserti Schenkel, 1963 is revalidated and removed from synonymy with X. kurilensis Strand, 1907. A male specimen from Gansu identified by Schenkel as Xysticus sibiricus Kulczyński, 1908 is described as a new species X. courti sp. n.



Crab spiders, Asia, new synonymy, revalidation, new species, Potanin

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