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Foa yamba, a new species of cardinalfish (Percomorpha: Apogonidae: Apogonichthyini) from the tidal region of the Clarence River, Australia and redescriptions of the West Pacific Foa longimana and Foa hyalina



Foa yamba, a new species is described from an eastern Australian tidal estuary. This species differs from other West Pacific Foa by having many small spots on the body. Foa longimana, known only from the holotype, is presently an unidentifiable larval stage from Indonesia and is redescribed, but not allocated to a different genus. Foa hyalina, a West Pacific species is reviewed and its known distribution expanded. It is distinguished by five reddish or brownish-red bars on the body from nape to the level of middle portion of the second dorsal fin and lacks markings on caudal fin.



Apogonichthys, Fowleria, Neamia, Ozichthys, morphology

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