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A new genus to accommodate three skinks currently assigned to Menetia (Lacertilia: Scincidae)



Menetia timlowi Ingram 1977 has had a chequered generic history due to ambiguity in interpreting its various character states. Ingram (1977) assigned this species to Menetia on the strength of “the long narrow obliquely oriented first supraocular” and “enlarged upper circumoculars”. In doing so, he admitted the possibility that M. timlowi “may in fact be a Carlia” but because “all Carlia, except burnetti, lack fused lower eyelids and have a typically anvil shaped presubocular”, allocating timlowi to Menetia seemed the best available option. Ingram and Covacevich (1988) revisited the generic status of this species when resurrecting Lygisaurus from the synonymy of Carlia to accommodate a group of small leaf-litter dwelling skinks. In proposing the new combination L. timlowi (Ingram 1977), they considered the supraoculars to be transverse whereas Ingram had stated them to be oblique in his original species description.


Lacertilia, Scincidae

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