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New species of Bryconamericus Eigenmann (Characiformes: Characidae) from the rio Teles Pires, rio Tapajós basin, central Brazil



A new species of Bryconamericus is described from the rio Teles Pires, a tributary of the rio Tapajós. The new taxon can be distinguished from its congeners by having a short anal fin with 11–13 branched rays, two maxillary teeth, four outer premaxillary teeth, and 34–38 perforated lateral-line scales. Other diagnostic characters of the species are the absence of a caudal-peduncle spot and the presence of a pigmented vertical band at the caudal-fin rays base. The phylogenetic position of the new species is inferred based in two available phylogenetic hypotheses, and a discussion on its generic placement is provided.



Creagrutus, Stevardiinae, Brazilian shield, Amazon, taxonomy

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