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Status changes, new synonymies, key and descriptions of seven new species in the subgenus Scarabaeus (Scarabaeolus) Balthasar 1965 (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae)



Distribution of the subgenus Scarabaeus (Scarabaeolus) Balthasar 1965 (tribe Scarabaeini) is centred on southern and south central Africa with only three out of 27 species recorded from West and northeast Africa. After taxonomic corrections and descriptions of seven new southern African species this somewhat controversial subgenus now comprises 33 valid species of which one is flightless. In this paper, Scarabaeus (Scarabaeolus) vansoni Ferreira 1958 syn. nov. is synonymized with Scarabaeus (Scarabaeolus) lucidulus (Boheman 1860) and Scarabaeus (Scarabaeolus) xavieri Ferreira 1968 syn. nov. is synonymized with Scarabaeus (Scarabaeolus) andreaei zur Strassen 1963. Scarabaeus (Scarabaeolus) reichei Waterhouse 1890 stat. rev. is removed from synonymy with Scarabaeus (Scarabaeolus) canaliculatus Fairmaire, 1888 and reinstated as a valid species. Distribution maps for S. (S.) reichei, S. (S.) canaliculatus and a third close relative, Scarabaeus (Scarabaeolus) fritschi Harold 1868 are provided. The seven new species comprise: Scarabaeus (Scarabaeolus) soutpansbergensis Deschodt and Davis spec. nov., Scarabaeus (Scarabaeolus) megaparvulus Davis and Deschodt spec. nov., Scarabaeus (Scarabaeolus) niemandi Deschodt and Davis spec. nov., Scarabaeus (Scarabaeolus) carniphilus Davis and Deschodt spec. nov., Scarabaeus (Scarabaeolus) ermienae Deschodt and Davis spec. nov., Scarabaeus (Scarabaeolus) planipennis Davis and Deschodt spec. nov. and Scarabaeus (Scarabaeolus) nitidus Davis and Deschodt spec. nov. A key is provided for all the known winged species together with notes on some of the previously described species.



Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Scarabaeidae, new species, synonymies, status revised, key

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