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A new species of Saurida (Pisces: Synodontidae) from the Mascarene Plateau, Western Indian Ocean



A new species of lizardfish, Saurida tweddlei n.sp., from the Mascarene Plateau, Western Indian Ocean, is described and figured. The new species is characterised by the following combination of characters: dorsal fin with 12–13 rays; pectorals with 14–15 rays; lateral-line scales 53–55; transverse scale rows above lateral line 4½, below lateral line 5½; pectoral fins moderately long (extending to or just beyond a line from origin of pelvic fins to origin of dorsal fin); 2 rows of teeth on outer palatines; 0–3 teeth on vomer; tongue with about 4–5 rows of teeth posteriorly; caudal peduncle compressed (depth greater than width); stomach and intestine pale whitish. A key to the species of Saurida of the Western Indian Ocean is provided.



Synodontidae, Saurida tweddlei, new species, key to species, Western Indian Ocean

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