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Revision of the Amphilius jacksonii complex (Siluriformes: Amphiliidae), with the descriptions of five new species



The Amphilius jacksonii complex is revised, and five new species are described: A. ruziziensis n. sp. from the Ruzizi River drainage and northeastern tributaries of Lake Tanganyika; A. pedunculus n. sp. from the Malagarasi River drainage, Lake Rukwa basin, and upper Great Ruaha River drainage, Rufiji basin; A. frieli n. sp. from the upper Congo basin; A. crassus n. sp. from the Rufiji and Wami basins; and A. lujani n. sp. from the Lake Kyogo drainage, northeastern tributaries of Lake Victoria, and the Lake Manyara basin.



taxonomy, catfish, Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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