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Review of Amaeana Hartman, 1959 (Annelida, Terebelliformia, Polycirridae), with descriptions of seven new species



Prior to the present study, seven species of Amaeana were known, A. accraensis (Augener, 1918), A. antipoda (Augener, 1926), A. apheles (Hutchings, 1974), A. colei (McIntosh, 1926), A. occidentalis (Hartman, 1944), A. trilobata (Sars, 1863), which is the type-species, and A. yirrarn Hutchings, 1997. Except for A. colei and A. antipoda, for which types could not be located, type material or material from the type localities of all these species was examined and re-descriptions are provided; also, a lectotype is designated for A. trilobata, while A. colei and A. antipoda are considered as nomen nuda. In addition, seven new species are described, one from Brazil, A. brasiliensis sp. nov., another from Taiwan, A. hsiehae sp. nov., and five from Australia, A. angulus sp. nov., A. breviachaeta sp. nov., A. crassispinulata sp. nov., A. dampierensis sp. nov., and A. ellobophora sp. nov. A discussion on the most important characters to distinguish between the species of Amaeana is provided, together with a comparative table and a key to all currently known species.



Polychaeta, taxonomy, morphology

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