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Taxonomy and systematics of the herichthyins (Cichlidae: Tribe Heroini), with the description of eight new Middle American Genera



In recent years great strides have been made for improving our understanding of the evolutionary relationships among neotropical cichlids, particularly within the clade Heroini and its crown clade the herichthyins. Most phylogenetic studies have largely converged on congruent topologies for relationships among species and major lineages within the herichthyins. One major aspect missing from previous studies of these cichlids is a formal taxonomic revision, including the redefining of genera. Based on analysis of  52 species and three mitochondrial and two nuclear loci, we generate a Bayesian phylogeny for the herichthyin cichlids, and formally revise the taxonomy for genera within this clade using morphological features. Eight new genera are recognized and a key to all 16 genera of herichthyin cichlids is also presented.



cichlid, revision, Mexico, Central America, morphology

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