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Description of a new species and redescriptions of two rare species of Parapercis (Perciformes: Pinguipedidae) from the tropical Pacific Ocean



Parapercis johnsoni sp. nov. is described based on 19 specimens from Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia. It differs from congeners in having a combination of the following characters: dorsal-fin rays V, 21; anal-fin rays I, 17; pectoral-fin rays modally 17; pored lateral-line scales modally 52 or 53; predorsal scales 7 or 8; transverse scale rows 3.5 or 4 + 14 or 15; total gill rakers on 1st gill arch 13–16; single row of teeth on vomer; 6 large canines at front of lower jaw; and a distinct coloration. Two rare species, P. flavescens Fourmanoir & Rivaton, 1979 and P. fuscolineata Fourmanoir, 1985, are redescribed based on the types and newly identified specimens. Comments on other species occurring in the area are provided.



taxonomy, Pisces, Parapercis johnsoni sp. nov., Parapercis flavescens, Parapercis fuscolineata

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