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Description of two new species of Laubuka (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from River Cauvery, southern Iandia



Fishes currently identified as Laubuka laubuca from the Cauvery River and its tributaries in the Western Ghats of India are shown to represent two different species: Laubuka trevori, sp. nov., and L. latens, sp. nov., distinguished from all species of Chela and Laubuka by possessing 7½ branched dorsal-fin rays; 14 precaudal vertebrae; 17–18 predorsal scales; 5 branched pelvic-fin rays and 5+4+2 teeth on the fifth ceratobranchial. Laubuka trevori is further distinguished from its congeners by possessing 14½–15½ branched anal-fin rays; ½6/1/1½ scales in transverse line on body; a short pelvic fin (10.1–16.3% SL) and two longitudinal stripes: a golden and a bluish-green stripe on the body, running from behind the opercle to the base of the caudal fin, the latter broken and less distinct in the anterior half of the body. Laubuka latens is further distinguished by its long pelvic fin (23.2–26.9% SL) and the absence of any markings on the side of the body other than a humeral spot and a caudal-peduncle spot.



Pisces, Freshwater, Taxonomy, Coorg, Karnataka, Morphology, Chela, laubuca

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