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Revision of the species of the Merodon nanus group (Diptera: Syrphidae) including three new species

Ante Vujić, Snežana Radenković, Jelena Ačanski, ANA Grković, Mike Taylor, Serdar Gökhan Şenol, RÜSTEM Hayat


The nanus group of the genus Merodon Meigen (Diptera, Syrphidae) is revised, yielding an illustrated key, a discussion of taxonomic characters and morphological diagnosis for the five species of this group. Three new cryptic species are described, Merodon kopensis Vujić et Hayat sp. n., M. neonanus Vujić et Taylor sp. n. and M. rasicus Vujić et Radenković sp. n. New diagnostic characters are given for M. nanus Sack and M. telmateia Hurkmans. In addition, environmental profiles for each investigated species have been defined and compared, and maps of distribution and richness created. Niche dissimilarity was found for each species. Eastern Anatolia and the southern Aegean region of Turkey are reported as the most species rich regions for the nanus group.



Diptera, Merodon kopensis sp. n., Merodon neonanus sp. n., Merodon rasicus sp. n., environmental niches, principal component analysis (PCA)

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