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Contribution to the study of Chinese Tersilochinae (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae)



New data on Chinese Tersilochinae are provided: one species, Tersilochus scutatus sp. n., is described from Liaoning province of China and the Russian Far East, and two species, Barycnemis bellator (Müller) and Tersilochus curvator Horstmann, are new records from China. Thus, this work raises the total number of known Chinese species to 31. Two close species, Diaparsis pulchra Khalaim and D. rara (Horstmann), are compared; specimens previously treated as  D. rara, var. from the Russian Far East are found to belong to D. pulchra. Tersilochine faunas of China, South Korea and Primorskiy region of Russia are discussed. The fauna of Palaearctic China is still poorly known, being represented by an equal number of genera and somewhat fewer species than the fauna of South Korea, and it is half the size of the fauna of Primorskiy Region of Russia; the Oriental fauna of China, with only four described species, is virtually unknown.



Hymenoptera, China, Russia, Korea, Palaearctic region, Barycnemis, Diaparsis, Tersilochus, new species, new records, taxonomy

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