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New genus and new species of Caprellidae (Crustacea: Peracarida: Amphipoda) from the mesophotic coral ecosystems of Puerto Rico and St. Croix, Caribbean Sea



A new genus and two new species are described based on material collected from the mesophotic coral ecosystems of the U.S. Caribbean. The new genus Borikenella can be distinguished from other related genera such as Pseudaeginella, Paradeutella, Aciconula and Deutella by the combination of the following characters: pereopods 3 and 4 three-articulate, pereopods 5–7 six-articulate, mandible molar present, palp of the mandible with a setal formula 1-x-0, abdomen without appendages. The new species Liropus gurui, can be distinguished from the closely related L. japonicus mainly by the lack of anteroventral margin extended forward in pereonite 3, the lack of cleft and serration in the propodus of gnathopod 2, the longer pereopod 3 and the larger abdominal appendages.



Crustacea, Caprellidae, new genus, new species, Borikenella spinosa, Liropus gurui, Puerto Rico, mesophotic reefs, Caribbean Sea

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