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Parambassis serrata, a new species of glassperch (Teleostei: Ambassidae) from the Kaladan drainage, India



Parambassis serrata, a new species of glassperch from the Kolo River, Kaladan drainage, Mizoram, India is described. It is distinguished from its congeners by the combination of characters that includes: presence of a faint, vertically-elongated brown humeral blotch; posterior margin of most spines of first dorsal fin proximally blackish; 14−16 dorsal and anal-fin branched rays; a black longitudinal stripe on ventral surface of caudal peduncle; absence of predorsal scales; a serrated preopercular ridge; 51−56 scales in lateral series; and 11 pectoral-fin rays.



Pisces, New perciformes, Kolo River, Mizoram

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