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Description of four new species related to Fissocantharis novemexcavatus (Wittmer, 1951) (Coleoptera, Cantharidae) from China

YUXIA YANG, Limei Li, Xingke Yang


Four new species related to Fissocantharis novemexcavatus (Wittmer, 1951) are described, F. safranekimima sp. nov. (CHINA: Shaanxi), F. septangula sp. nov. (CHINA: Shaanxi), F. guizhouensis sp. nov. (CHINA: Guizhou) and F. novemoblonga sp. nov. (CHINA: Zhejiang, Anhui), which are illustrated with habitus and antennae of males, abdominal sternites VIII of females and genitalia of both sexes. A key for identification of the species of F. novemexcavatus species complex is presented.


taxonomy, Cantharidae, Fissocantharis, new species, China, Coleoptera

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