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Additional records of the genus Hylaeus Fabricius, 1793 (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Colletidae) from Siberia, with description of a new species



As a supplement to a previously published study on Siberian Hylaeus species, we here report further records of twenty six rarely collected and little known species. Thirty two species are currently known from Siberia, including Hylaeus dorni Dathe, 1986, H. gredleri Förster, 1871, H. hungaricus (Alfken, 1905), H. moricei (Friese, 1898), H. nimbatus Dathe, 1986, H. oehlkei Dathe, 2010 and H. stubbei Dathe, 1986, which are reported from Russia for the first time, and H. brevicornis Nylander, 1852, H. communis Nylander, 1852, H. pfankuchi (Alfken, 1919) and H. styriacus Förster, 1871, which are newly recorded from Siberia. Hylaeus (Hylaeus) pesenkoi Proshchalykin & Dathe, sp. nov. is described as new from Siberia (Altai Republic and Tyva Republic) and neighbouring Mongolia (Khovd and Govi-Altai Aimags). The females of H. dorni Dathe, 1986 and H. oehlkei Dathe, 2010 are described for the first time; H. peregrinus Dathe, 1986 was recognised as the female of H. stubbei Dathe, 1986 and is treated as a new synonym.


Asian part of Russia, bees, fauna, Palaearctic region, taxonomy, Hymenoptera

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