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Review of the genus Scythropiodes Matsumura, 1931 (Lepidoptera, Lecithoceridae, Oditinae) from China, with a checklist of the world



The genus Scythropiodes Matsumura, 1931 in China is reviewed. Fifteen species are treated, including four new species: Scythropiodes aculeiformus sp. nov. from Sichuan, S. dorsoprocessus sp. nov. from Guangxi, S. asymmetricus sp. nov. from Guangxi and Yunnan, and S. taedus sp. nov. from Yunnan. The females of S. barbellatus and S. elasmatus are described for the first time. Images of adults and genitalia are provided. A key to all the involved species and three maps showing the distribution of these species are included. A checklist of Scythropiodes on a worldwide basis is given.



Lepidoptera, Lecithoceridae, Scythropiodes, new species, China

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