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Revision of the genera Pareuthria Strebel, 1905, Glypteuthria Strebel, 1905 and Meteuthria Thiele, 1912 (Gastropoda: Buccinulidae) with the description of three new genera and two new species from Southwestern Atlantic waters



This revision of the buccinulid genera Pareuthria Strebel, 1905, Glypteuthria Strebel, 1905 and Meteuthria Thiele, 1912 includes all the reported nominal species and type specimens. A total of 13 valid species included in six genera are described and illustrated. All but one –P. fuscata– live in shallow waters around the Magellanic region and even reach lower latitudes including deeper waters off the Buenos Aires province. The genus Pareuthria includes P. fuscata (Bruguière, 1789), P. atrata (E. A. Smith, 1881) for which a lectotype is designated, and P. venustula Powell, 1951. P. fuscata is also confirmed to occur in New Zealand waters. Glypteuthria Strebel, 1905 includes only the type species G. meridionalis (E.A. Smith, 1881). Two species are included in the genus Meteuthria Thiele, 1912, the type species M. martensi (Strebel, 1905), for which a lectotype is designated, and M. batialis n. sp., which is described herein based on specimens from deep water off Buenos Aires province. Three new genera are described: Falsimacme n. gen. to include only the type species F. kobelti (Strebel, 1905) (formerly in the genus Meteuthria); Argeneuthria n. gen. to include A. cerealis (Rochebrune & Mabille, 1885), A. paessleri (Strebel, 1905), A. euthrioides (Melvill & Standen, 1898), A. philippii (Strebel, 1905) and A. varicosa new species; and Microdeuthria n. gen. to include only M. michaelseni (Strebel, 1905). In addition, “Anomacme multituberculata Castellanos, Rolán & Bartolotta, 1987 included by Dell (1990) in Meteuthria is excluded from the latter genus based on the morphology of the radula.


Mollusca, Gastropods, Patagonia, Magellanic, Taxonomy, South western Atlantic

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