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Two new species in the genus Phoxokalliapseudes Drumm & Heard, 2011 (Crustacea: Tanaidacea: Kalliapseudidae) from the southwestern and southern coasts of Korea



Two new species of Phoxokalliapseudes from the southwestern and southern coasts of Korea are described. Phoxokalliapseudes aculeatus n. sp. is distinguished by the two robust spiniform setae on the ventral margin of the cheliped basis, pereonites 2–6 each with a hyposphaenium and small spinules, and the setiferous lobe on the mandibles with different numbers of serrated spiniform setae in the female and male (five and six, respectively). Phoxokalliapseudes cinctus n. sp. can be distinguished by the propodus of the male cheliped with the largest length to width ratio (2.5: 1) of the genus, and the fixed finger with small denticles on the cutting edge and near the insertion of the dactylus. The female has the largest dactylus to propodus length ratio of pereopod 6 in the genus. Only four species of Phoxokalliapseudes have been described or redescribed previously, of which some exhibit morphological differences with the type specimens, possibly indicating additional new species. To minimize identification difficulties caused by morphometric variations in developmental stages, the morphological characteristics of the new species are described in detail for a fixed size range and compared to different-sized individuals. Additionally, a comprehensive comparison of the new Phoxokalliapseudes species with the other known species is provided and discussed.



Crustacea, tanaidaceans, Kalliapseudinae, morphological variation

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