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Revision of the Diplommatinidae (Gastropoda: Cyclophoroidea) from Java



The Diplommatinidae (Gastropoda: Cyclophoroidea) from Java is revised based on 507 lots, both from recently collected materials and museum’s collections. Twenty-three species belonging to four genera have been recorded. The most diverse genus is Diplommatina with 17 species, of which four, D. halimunensis n. sp., D. kakenca n. sp., D. heryantoi n. sp. and D. ristiae n. sp. are new to science. We synonymized D. hortulana Leschke, 1914 with D. baliana Fulton, 1899 and D. ornithorica van Benthem Jutting, 1948 with D. canaliculata Möllendorff, 1887. The two Palaina species were already known from Java. A new Arinia species, Arinia yanseni n. sp., is the first record of this genus in Java and has also been found in southern Sumatra. One of the three recorded Opisthostoma species is also a yet unknown species. Fourteen of the diplommatinid species (61%) are endemic to Java, of which four are known only from a single mountain. Determination keys are given and the geographic ranges of the Diplommatinidae species on Java are summarized and illustrated in distribution maps.



Gastropoda, taxonomy, distribution, Diplommatinidae, Java

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