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The discovery of the spider genus Putaoa (Araneae, Pimoidae) in Taiwan with the description of a new species, including its web architecture



We report for the first time the occurrence of pimoids (Araneoidea, Pimoidae) in Taiwan, describe Putaoa seediq new species, revise the genus diagnosis accordingly, and illustrate for the first time the web architecture of Putaoa based on field photographs. Males of Putaoa species differ from other pimoids in having distinctively large macrosetae on the pedipalpal tibia and/or cymbium and by the absence of typical cuspules, such as those found in Pimoa and Weintrauboa. In addition, Putaoa species lack a median apophysis and have a relatively short and non-filiform embolus. In Putaoa the metatarsus I is unmodified, while sinuous in the males of most Weintrauboa species. Females of Putaoa are diagnosed by their relatively flat epigynum with lateral openings, relatively short copulatory ducts and medial fertilization ducts.



Araneae, Arachnida, Araneoidea, taxonomy

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