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Generic revision of the large-winged mite superfamily Galumnoidea (Acari, Oribatida) of the world



Genus-level taxa in the oribatid mite superfamily Galumnoidea (Acari, Oribatida) are revised based on morphology of adults and a previously published phylogenetic analysis. We give a concise overview of the general morphology of Galumnoidea, diagnoses and a key for families, genera, and subgenera, and a taxonomic list with two families, 39 genera, 9 non-nominal subgenera, and 590 species. The following nomenclatorial changes to genus-group taxa resulted from our revision: Allogalumna (Allogalumna) Grandjean, 1936 (=Xenogalumna Balogh, 1960(b) syn. nov.), Flagellozetes (Cosmogalumna) Aoki, 1988 comb. nov. (from Galumna (Cosmogalumna)), Flagellozetes (Variogalumna) Mahunka, 1995 stat. nov., Galumna (Galumna) Heyden, 1826 (=Rostrogalumna Engelbrecht, 1973 syn. nov.), Pilogalumna Grandjean, 1956(a) (=Disparagalumna Hammer, 1973 syn. nov.), Trichogalumna (Tanzanycha) Koçak & Kemal, 2008 stat. nov., Galumnella Berlese, 1916(a) (=Monogalumnella Mahunka, 1986 syn. nov. =Trichogalumnella Mahunka, 1992 syn. nov., =Bigalumnella Mahunka, 1994 syn. nov.). The following changes are made to species-group nomenclature: Angulogalumna areolata (Starý, 2005) comb. nov. (from Cuspidogalumna) et stat. ressur. (=Galumna (Angulogalumna) staryi Subías, 2010 syn. nov. replacement name for secondary homonym Galumna (Angulogalumna) areolata (Starý, 2005)), Allogalumna (Allogalumna) longula (Balogh, 1960(b)) comb. nov. (from Xenogalumna), Flagellozetes (Cosmogalumna) areticulata (Ermilov, Sandmann, Klarner, Widyastuti & Scheu, 2015(d)) comb. nov. (from Galumna (Cosmogalumna)), F. (C.) dongnaiensis (Ermilov & Anichkin, 2013) comb. nov. (from Galumna (Cosmogalumna)), F. (C.) ekaterinae (Ermilov & Friedrich, 2016(b)) comb. nov. (from Galumna (Cosmogalumna)), F. (C.) hiroyoshii (Nakamura & Fujikawa, 2004) comb. nov. (from Galumna (Cosmogalumna)), F. (C.) ornata (Aoki, 1988) comb. nov. (from Galumna (Cosmogalumna)), F. (C.) imperfectus (Aoki & Hu, 1993) comb. nov. (from Galumna (Cosmogalumna)) and stat. ressur., (=Galumna (Cosmogalumna) praeoccupata Subías, 2004 syn. nov. replacement name for secondary homonym Galumna (Cosmogalumna) imperfecta (Aoki & Hu, 1993)), F. (C.) sumatrensis (Ermilov, Sandmann, Klarner, Widyastuti & Scheu, 2015(d)) comb. nov. (from Galumna (Cosmogalumna)), F. (C.) tenensis (Ermilov, Vu & Nguyen, 2011) comb. nov. (from Galumna (Cosmogalumna)), F. (C.) vladopesici (Ermilov & Corpuz-Raros, 2015(c)) comb. nov. (from Galumna (Cosmogalumna)), F. (C.) yonaguniensis (Aoki, 2009) comb. nov. (from Galumna (Cosmogalumna)), Flagellozetes (Variogalumna) singularis (Mahunka, 1995) comb. nov. (from Variogalumna), Galumna (Galumna) chrisengelbrechti Ermilov & Klimov, 2017 nom. nov. (=Rostrogalumna rostrata Engelbrecht, 1973, preoccupied by Sellnick (1922)), Galumna (Galumna) teuri Ermilov & Klimov, 2017 nom. nov. for Galumna imperfecta Hammer, 1972 (preoc. Banks, 1906), Pilogalumna tongaensis (Hammer, 1973) comb. nov. (from Disparagalumna), P. rostrata (Fujikawa, 2008) comb. nov. (from Disparagalumna), Setogalumna ambigua (Wallwork, 1977) comb. nov. (from Galumna (Galumna)), Trichogalumna (Tanzanycha) hesperis (Mahunka, 1984) comb. nov. (from Tanzanycha), Galumnella pulchella (Aoki & Hu, 1993) comb. nov. (from Porogalumnella), G. csavasorum (Mahunka, 1994) comb. nov. (from Bigalumnella), G. hauseri (Mahunka, 1992) comb. nov. (from Trichogalumnella), G. neotricha (Mahunka, 1986) comb. nov. (from Monogalumnella). In addition, Galumna pyramidalis Tseng, 1984 was removed from Galumnoidea and transferred to Neoribates (Oripodoidea, Parakalummidae): N. (Neoribates) pyramidalis (Tseng, 1984) comb. nov. (from Galumna).



Acari, galumnoid mites, morphology, systematics, taxonomy, phylogeny, diagnosis, new status, new combination, key, list of taxa

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