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Two new species of Laonice (Norgensia) (Spionidae, Polychaeta) from subtropical Atlantic and subequatorial Pacific coasts of North America



Two new species, Laonice costaricensis sp. nov. and L. rasmusseni sp. nov., belonging to the subgenus Norgensia Sikorski et al., 2017 were found in material from the Pacific collected from Coco Island off the coast of Costa Rica and from the Atlantic collected from Sapelo Island off the coast of Georgia (USA), respectively. Laonice cosaricensis is very close morphologically to L. lemniscata but without transdorsal membranes and having as usual capillaries in several anterior parapodia arranged in three vertical rows. Laonice rasmunsseni has genital pouches starting much anteriorly than in all known species from this subgenus. An identification key for the species belonging to this subgenus is given.


Laonice vieitezi, Laonice costaricensis sp. nov., Laonice rasmusseni sp. nov., Sapelo Island, Georgia, Coco Island, Pacific Costa Rica coast, Annelida

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