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New acoels (Acoela, Acoelomorpha) from North Carolina



From a survey of interstitial acoel flatworms at Lockwoods Folly Inlet, Oak Island, North Carolina, the new species Anaperus singularis sp. nov. (Anaperidae), Diopisthoporus lofolitis sp. nov. (Diopisthoporidae), Conaperta earnhardti sp. nov. (Convolutidae), Kuma flava sp. nov. (Haploposthiidae), Pseudohaplogonaria cerasina sp. nov. (Haploposthiidae), and Proporus carolinensis sp. nov. are described. Seven previously described acoel species and one nemertodermatid species were also collected from Lockwoods Folly, these were: Diopisthoporus gymnopharyngeus, Endocincta punctata, Neochildia fusca, Parahaploposthia thiophilus, Paratomella rubra, Polychoerus caudatus, Pseudaphanostoma smithrii, and Flagellophora apelti. A previously described species, Anaperus trifurcatus (Anaperidae) is transferred to the genus Amphiscolops (Convolutidae).


Platyhelminthes, Acoelomorpha, meiofauna, turbellarians, Anaperus, Diopisthoporus, Conaperta, Pseudohaplogonaria, Kuma, Proporus

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