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The family Passandridae (Coleoptera: Cucujoidea) in Argentina with comments on species from Brazil and Paraguay



The family Passandridae (Coleoptera: Cucujoidea) in Argentina and adjacent countries is reviewed. A total of 13 species are recorded from Argentina: Catogenus asper Ślipiński, 1989, Catogenus castaneus (Perty, 1834), Catogenus cylindricollis (Lacordaire, 1854), Catogenus decoratus Newman, 1839, Catogenus depressus Ślipiński, 1989, Catogenus gracilicornis Ślipiński, 1989, Catogenus lebasi Guérin-Méneville, 1844, Catogenus longicornis Grouvelle, 1874, Passandra fasciata Gray in Griffin, 1832, Taphroscelidia humeralis (Grouvelle, 1916), Taphroscelidia semicastanea (Reitter, 1876), and Taphroscelidia sp. (probably a new species, not described here). New provincial records are given for C. castaneus (Salta; La Rioja; Santiago del Estero; Córdoba; Corrientes; Buenos Aires), C. cylindricollis (Salta; Misiones; Chaco; Santa Fe; Entre Ríos), C. gracilicornis (Catamarca; Buenos Aires), C. longicornis (Salta; Tucumán; Catamarca; Chaco; La Rioja; Entre Ríos; Buenos Aires), P. fasciata (Córdoba; Santa Fe; Mendoza; Buenos Aires), T. humeralis (Salta; Catamarca; La Rioja; San Luis; Santa Fe; Corrientes; Entre Ríos), T. semicastanea (Salta; Catamarca; Corrientes; Entre Ríos), and Taphroscelidia sp. (Corrientes). Four new records are given for Paraguay: C. castaneus, C. cylindricollis, C. longicornis, and Taphroscelidia sp. Monthly and seasonal occurrence of adults is summarized and discussed. Adults of Passandridae emerged from 25 plant species infested with a total of 62 species of Cerambycidae (Coleoptera). Their host specificity is discussed in connection with their wide geographic distributions, which are apparently unrelated to a particular biogeographic province.



Coleoptera, flat-bark beetles, distribution, new records, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, host association

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