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Taxonomic revision of the New World big-eyed minute litter bug genus Ommatides Uhler (Hemiptera: Schizopteridae)



Hypselosomatinae, the big-eyed minute litter bugs, are diagnosed among Schizopteridae (infraorder Dipsocoromorpha) by the large eye, 4-segmented labium, and distinct wing venation. The group was recovered as sister taxon to all remaining Schizopteridae in recent molecular phylogenetic analyses. Described species diversity of Hypselosomatinae (13 extant genera prior to this study) is greatest in the Old World and in particular the Australian region, while only five monotypic or small genera are currently described from the New World (Glyptocombus Heidemann, Ommatides Uhler, Williamsocoris Carpintero & Dellapé, Hypsohapsis Hoey-Chamberlain & Weirauch, and Hypselosomops Hoey-Chamberlain & Weirauch). Based on examination of 60 specimens of Hypselosomatinae from South America, we here synonymize Ommatides that includes one described species from the Lesser Antilles with the monotypic genus Williamsocoris Carpintero & Dellapé from Argentina, describe seven new species of Ommatides (O. duodentis sp. nov., O. nudus sp. nov., O. parvidentis sp. nov., O. pillcopata sp. nov., O. pristis sp. nov., O. tridentis sp. nov., O. yoderi sp. nov. and O. zanderij sp. nov.) from various locations in South America, and redescribe Ommatides. We provide thorough documentation of morphological features using macroimages, SEM, and line drawings for new taxa and Ommatides insignis Uhler and a distribution map for all currently known New World Hypselosomatinae.



Hemiptera, biodiversity, Heteroptera, Hypselosomatinae, Neotropical region

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