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A review of the flying fish genus Cypselurus (Beloniformes: Exocoetidae). Part 1. Revision of the subgenus Zonocypselurus Parin and Bogorodsky, 2011 with descriptions of one new subgenus, four new species and two new subspecies and reinstatement of one species as valid



The first part of the review of the four-winged flying fishes of the genus Cypselurus is presented, and shows that seven species belonging to two genera were mixed under the name Cypselurus (Zonocypselurus) hexazona, none of which is identical to Exocoetus hexazona Bleeker. A new subgenus of flying fish (Amustotrogon subgen. nov.) and four new species (Cheilopogon marisrubri, Cheilopogon katherinae, Cypselurus bosha, Cypselurus olpar) are described. The validity of Cypselurus formosus Kotthaus, 1969 is reinstated (as Cheilopogon (Amustotrogon) formosus). Three subspecies of Cheilopogon formosus are recognized: Ch. formosus formosus, Ch. f. pseudospilopterus subsp. nov. and Ch. f. andamanicus subsp. nov. Morphology of species and subspecies at different stages of ontogeny is described. Maps of their geographical distribution are presented. A key for identification of flying fish taxa described in the work is included.



Pisces, Systematics, morphology, distribution, Cypselurus hexazona, C. bosha sp. nov., C. olpar sp. nov., Amustotrogon subgen. nov., Cheilopogon formosus new combination, Ch. f. pseudospilopterus subsp. nov., Ch. f. andamanicus subsp. nov., Ch. marisrubri sp. nov., Ch. katherinae sp. nov., Red Sea endemics

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