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Okubasca Dworakowska (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Typhlocybinae: Empoascini) elevated to separate genus status with description of two new species from China



Okubasca Dworakowska, 1982, formerly treated as a subgenus of Empoasca Walsh, 1862, is elevated to status as a separate genus. Two new species of Okubasca from China are described and illustrated: Okubasca convoluta Yu & Yang sp. nov.; Okubasca paracalvata Yu & Yang sp. nov. Okubasca convoluta is similar to O. okubella in having the aedeagal shaft about as long as the preatrium but differs in having the aedeagus of uniform thickness in lateral view, the anal tube process straight and the face mostly black. Okubasca paracalvata resembles Okubasca calvata in aedeagal shape, but differs in having a lamellar swelling and a small tooth on the dorsal side of the aedeagus, and the vertex anterior margin rounded.



Hemiptera, Typhlocybinae, Empoascini, Okubasca, new species, China

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