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Case 3704 Lepisma Linnaeus, 1758 (Insecta, Zygentoma, lepismatidae): proposed reversal of Direction 71 (1957) regarding the gender of the name 

Rafael Molero-Baltanás, Graeme B. Smith, Luis F. Mendes, Miquel Gaju-Ricart, Carmen Bach de Roca


Nomenclature; taxonomy; gender; Insecta; Zygentoma; Thysanura; lepismatidae; Afrolepisma; Anisolepisma; Asiolepisma; Burmalepisma; Cretalepisma; Ctenolepisma; Gopislepisma; Hemilepisma; Heterolepisma; Hyperlepisma; Lepisma; Leucolepisma; Mirolepisma; Nebk

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