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Case 3634 OMALIIDAE Handlirsch, 1904 (Insecta, Archaeorthoptera) and XENOPTERIDAE Pinto, 1986 (Insecta, Megasecoptera): proposed emendation to OMALIAIDAE and XENOPTERAIDAE respectively to remove homonymy with OMALIINAE MacLeay, 1825 (Insecta, Coleoptera) and XENOPTERIDAE Riek, 1955 (Insecta, Orthoptera)

Andrew J. Ross, David B. Nicholson, Ed A. Jarzembowski


Nomenclature; taxonomy; Insecta; Protorthoptera; Coleoptera; Archaeorthoptera; Megasecoptera; Orthoptera; OMALIIDAE; XENOPTERIDAE; insects; Carboniferous.

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