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Reduviidae (assassin bugs) is the second largest family of the hemipteran suborder Heteroptera (true bugs). The family contains 25 subfamilies, the largest number amongst true bugs, and 28 tribes. Most previously published keys do not include all recognized subfamilies and even complete keys lead to incorrect identification of certain taxa. We here present a comprehensive and well-illustrated identification key to subfamilies and tribes (except Emesinae) of Reduviidae. The key is complemented by taxon treatments that provide, for each subfamily, diagnostic features, notes on taxonomy and distribution, a comment on taxa occurring in Canada, natural history notes, and a short bibliography.


Vol 27


Many species of Piophilidae (Diptera) are relevant to forensic entomology because their presence on a corpse can be helpful in estimating the postmortem interval (PMI) and document insect succession. The aims of this paper are to document the fauna of forensically relevant Piophilidae species worldwide and to present an updated checklist and identification key to the Nearctic species, as existing keys are either outdated, too broad in geographical scope to be user-friendly, and/or contain ambiguous characters. Thirteen species are included in the checklist and key. Information on their biology, taxonomy, character variability, and distribution is provided, supplementing the extensive work of McAlpine (1977).

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