A new locality and range extension for the Rancho Grande Leaf Frog Agalychnis medinae (Funkhouser, 1962) (Anura: Hylidae) in northern Venezuela

Fernando J. M. Rojas-Runjaic, Edward Camargo, Wendy Bolaños, Douglas Mora, Luis Aular, Franger García


Agalychnis medinae is a medium-sized frog endemic to the Cordillera de la Costa, northern Venezuela, and known from only three localities in the cloud forests of this mountain system. Herein we report the fourth locality for this species and extend its distribution to the Sierra de Aroa, Yaracuy state, 29 km northwest of Cerro Zapatero, the westernmost locality previously known.


Amphibia; Anura; distribution; Agalychnis medinae; Venezuela; Cordillera de la Costa

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