Brazilian tropical fishes in their southern limit of distribution: checklist of Santa Catarina’s rocky reef ichthyofauna, remarks and new records

Antônio Batista Anderson, Alfredo Carvalho-Filho, Renato Araujo Morais, Lucas Teixeira Nunes, Juan Pablo Quimbayo, Sergio Ricardo Floeter


We present a checklist of 278 species of reef fishes recorded along the coastline of Santa Catarina state, the southernmost limit of distribution of tropical ichthyofauna on the coast of Brazil. Twelve new species records for this state are presented: Acanthurus coeruleus, Acanthurus monroviae, Apogon americanus, Cantherhines macrocerus, Chaetodon sedentarius, Chromis flavicauda, Clepticus brasiliensis, Decapterus punctatus, Gymnothorax vicinus, Herpetoichthys regius, Muraena retifera and Stegastes partitus. Stegastes partitus and H. regius are reported for the first time, respectively, from the Southwestern Atlantic and for the coastal part of this region, while Acanthurus monroviae is reported for the second time for the Southwestern Atlantic. We present habitat distribution, trophic structure and comment on biogeographic affinities of this transitional region, discussing both remarkable species presences and absences.


rocky reefs; Southwestern Atlantic Shelf; Teleostei; Elasmobranchii; Atlantic Subtropical Convergence; upwelling

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