Range expansion of the genus Sicydium (Teleostei: Gobiidae) to coastal mountain streams of southwestern Ecuador and possibly northwestern Peru

Windsor E. Aguirre, Gian Carlo Sánchez-Garcés, Ronald Navarrete Amaya, Fredy Nugra Salazar, Jonathan Valdiviezo Rivera


We report collections of several specimens of Sicydium in 2013 and 2014 from the Jubones and Santa Rosa Rivers in southwestern Ecuador. These collections substantially expand the known range of the genus southward. The specimens are tentatively identified as Sicydium cf. rosenbergii based on their morphology. Small differences in morphology among specimens from the two rivers are noted, as are discrepancies with the type description. A museum database search uncovered two additional records of the genus south of their previously recognized range including one record from northwestern Peru.


biodiversity; Neotropics; Pacific Ocean; South America; Sicydium rosenbergii

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