First record of an Apterichtus kendalli (Gilbert, 1891) (Anguilliformes, Ophichthidae) leptocephalus in the Southeast Brazilian Bight: a southward occurrence record extension

Claudia Namiki, Maria Luiza Flaquer da Rocha, Mario Katsuragawa, Maria de Lourdes Zani-Teixeira, Frederico Pereira Brandini


The first record of Apterichtus kendalli in the Southeast Brazilian Bight is reported based on one leptocephalus collected at around the 100 m isobath during an oceanographic cruise in 1979. It is the southernmost record of this species in the Atlantic. The leptocephalus of A. kendalli was identified based on myomeres counts, fin positions, nine moderate gut swellings, and midline prominent patches of pigments.


finless eel; fish larvae; leptocephali; range extension; Brazil; South Atlantic

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