New distribution records for Neriidae (Diptera, Schizophora) from northeastern Brazil

Izabela Souza Braga, Alessandre Pereira-Colavite, Antonio José Creão-Duarte


The geographic ranges in Brazil of 4 species of Neriidae are widened. New records are recorded of the following species and Brazilian states: Eoneria blanchardi Aczél, 1951 from Pernambuco and Paraíba, Glyphidops carrerai Aczél, 1961 and Glyphidops filosus (Fabricius, 1805) from Bahia and Paraíba, and Nerius pilifer Fabricius, 1805 from Paraíba. A referential map is included to these species.


Atlantic Forest species; Bahia; Caatinga species; cactus flies; Nerioidea; Paraíba; Pernambuco

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