Peter Glöer, Hans-Jürgen Hirschfelder


The syntype of Pseudamnicola brachia (Westerlund, 1886), the only known Pseudamnicola sp. from Crete, is compared with a recently collected Pseudamnicola sp. which could be identified as a species new to science. Comparisons with data in the literature show us that P. brachia (Westerlund, 1886) has nothing in common with P. brachia sensu Schütt, 1980 as well as P. brachia sensu Szarowska et al., 2015, but both are possibly conspecific with the new species which is described here.

In addition we describe two new Bythinella spp. from Crete which could be found in addition to B. cretensis Schütt, 1980, and a new Valvata (Tropidina) sp. from Lake Kournas.

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