Nelli Sergeeva, Igor Dovgal


Three species of commensal ciliates (Cothurnia maritima Ehrenberg, 1838 on oligochaete Tubificoides sp.; Paracineta livadiana (Mereschkowsky, 1881) and Corynophrya lyngbyi (Ehrenberg, 1834) on harpacticoid copepods Amphiascella subdebilis (Willey, 1935), Haloschizopera pontarchis Por, 1959, Cletodes tenuipes Scott, 1896 and Enhydrosoma longifurcatum Sars, 1909) were found in the Black Sea deep-water under hypoxic/anoxic conditions for the first time. Corynophrya lyngbyi is reported for the first time in the Black Sea.


ciliates; hypoxic/anoxic conditions; the Black Sea; commensal.

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