Antarctoperlinae (Insecta: Plecoptera)

Ian D McLellan


Vesicaperla and Zelandobius, the two New Zealand genera in Antarctoperlinae, are revised. There is little new information on the five species of Vesicaperla, but in Zelandobius twenty-one new species are added, bringing the total to twenty-sevcn. Information is given on habitats, distribution, phylogeny, and systematics in the subfamily. Keys to species in each genus are given. Drawings are included of genitalia, wings, and other parts of diagnostic value, as well as a number of habitus illustrations. Information and ideas on morphology and copulation are given for Zelandobius. Methods of collecting and preparation of specimens are outlined.


Genus Vesicaperla McLellan, 1967
     dugdalei McLellan, 1977
     eylesi McLellan, 1977
     kuscheli McLellan, 1977
     substirpes McLellan, 1967
     townsendi McLellan, 1977

Genus Zelandobius Tillyard, 1921
confusus group
     alatus new species
     albofasciatus new species
     brevicauda McLellan, 1977
     childi new species
     confusus (Hare, 1910)
     cordatus new species
     dugdalei new species
     foxi new species
     gibbsi new species
     illiesi McLellan, 1969
     inversus new species
     jacksoni new species
     kuscheli new species
     macburneyi new species
     mariae new species
     montanus new species
     ngaire new species
     patricki new species
     peglegensis new species
     takahe new species
    wardi new species

furcillatus group
     auratus new species
     furcillatus Tillyard, 1923
     pilosus Death, 1990
     truncus new species
     unicolor Tillyard, 1923
     uniramus new species

Nomen dubium
Zelandobius hudsoni (Hare, 1910)


Taxonomy; phylogeny; keys; morphology; biology; stoneflies; terrestrial stonefly larvae; trout food; Plecoptera; Antarctoperlinae; Gripopterygidae


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