Raphignathoidea (Acari: Prostigmata)

Qing-Hai Fan, Zhi-Qiang Zhang


The mite superfamily Raphignathoidea (Acari: Prostigmata) is comprehensively revised. Keys to world families and genera of Raphignathoidea are included. The taxonomy, biology, and ecology of world Raphignathoidea are briefly reviewed. 76 species belonging to 20 genera and 5 families recognised as occurring in New Zealand, are diagnosed, keyed, and described. Known stages (if specimens available) of New Zealand raphignathoid species are described and illustrated with line drawings, and notes are provided on the taxonomic references, habitats, and distribution of each species.

The following 21 species are described as new: Tycherobius aotearoa, Mecognatha parilis, Mecognatha rara, Raphignathus atomatus, Raphignathus crustus, Agistemus mecotrichus, Eustigmaeus eburneus, Eustigmeaus edentatus, Eustigmaeus ptilosetus, Mediolata delicata, Mediolata polylocularis, Mediolata whenua, Mediolata woodi, Mediolata xerxes, Mediolata zonaria, Mullederia procurrens, Mullederia scutellaris, Pseudostigmaeus schizopeltatus, Storchia hendersonae, Zetzellia biscutata, and Zetzellia spiculosa. A new genus, Scutastigmaeus gen. n., is described. The following 3 new combinations are proposed for three species that were previously placed in Stigmaeus: Scutastigmaeus confusus (Wood), Scutastigmaeus longisetis (Wood), and Scutastigmaeus montanus (Wood).

Checklist of taxaRaphignathoid mites

Superfamily Raphignathoidea

Family Camerobiidae Southcott
Genus Neophyllobius Berlese
Neophyllobius sturmerwoodi Bolland

Genus Tycherobius Bolland
Tycherobius aotearoa sp. n.

Family Cryptognathidae Oudemans
Genus Cryptognathus Kramer
Cryptognathus striatus Luxton
Cryptognathus vulgaris Luxton

Genus Favognathus Luxton
Favognathus leopardus Luxton

Family Mecognathidae Gerson & Walter
Genus Mecognatha Wood
Mecognatha hirsuta Wood
Mecognatha parilis sp. n.
Mecognatha rara sp. n.

Family Raphignathidae Kramer
Genus Raphignathus Dugés
Raphignathus atomatus sp. n.
Raphignathus collegiatus Atyeo, Baker & Crossley
Raphignathus crustus sp. n.
Raphignathus gracilis (Rack)

Family Stigmaeidae Oudemans
Genus Agistemus Summers
Agistemus collyerae González-Rodríguez
Agistemus longisetus González-Rodríguez
Agistemus mecotrichus sp. n.
Agistemus novazelandicus González-Rodríguez
Agistemus subreticulatus (Wood)

Genus Cheylostigmaeus Willmann
Cheylostigmaeus luxtoni Wood

Genus Eryngiopus Summers
Eryngiopus arboreus Wood
Eryngiopus bifidus Wood
Eryngiopus nelsonensis Wood
Eryngiopus similis Wood

Genus Eustigmaeus (Berlese)
Eustigmaeus brevisetosus (Wood)
Eustigmaeus clavigerus (Wood)
Eustigmaeus corticolus (Wood)
Eustigmaeus distinctus (Wood)
Eustigmaeus dumosus (Wood)
Eustigmaeus eburneus sp. n.
Eustigmaeus edentatus sp. n.
Eustigmaeus granulosus (Wood)
Eustigmaeus manapouriensis (Wood)
Eustigmaeus mixtus (Wood)
Eustigmaeus ptilosetus sp. n.
Eustigmaeus simplex (Wood)

Genus Ledermuelleriopsis Willmann
Ledermuelleriopsis incisa Wood
Ledermuelleriopsis spinosa Wood

Genus Mediolata Canestrini
Mediolata brevisetis Wood
Mediolata delicata sp. n.
Mediolata favulosa Wood
Mediolata mollis Wood
Mediolata oleariae Wood
Mediolata polylocularis sp. n.
Mediolata robusta González-Rodríguez
Mediolata simplex Wood
Mediolata whenua sp. n.
Mediolata woodi sp. n.
Mediolata xerxes sp. n.
Mediolata zonaria sp. n.

Genus Mullederia Wood
Mullederia arborea Wood
Mullederia procurrens sp. n.
Mullederia scutellaris sp. n.

Genus Primagistemus Fan & Zhang
Primagistemus loadmani (Wood)

Genus Pseudostigmaeus Wood
Pseudostigmaeus collyerae Wood
Pseudostigmaeus longisetis Wood
Pseudostigmaeus schizopeltatus sp. n.
Pseudostigmaeus striatus Wood

Genus Scutastigmaeus gen. n.
Scutastigmaeus confusus (Wood)
Scutastigmaeus longisetis (Wood)
Scutastigmaeus montanus (Wood)

Genus Stigmaeus Koch
Stigmaeus arboricola Wood
Stigmaeus brevisetis Wood
Stigmaeus campbellensis Wood
Stigmaeus luxtoni Wood
Stigmaeus novazealandicus Wood
Stigmaeus rotundus Wood
Stigmaeus rupicola Wood
Stigmaeus summersi Wood

Genus Storchia Oudemans
Storchia hendersonae sp. n.
Storchia robustus (Berlese)

Genus Summersiella Gonzalez
Summersiella coprosmae (Wood)

Genus Zetzellia Oudemans
Zetzellia antipoda Wood
Zetzellia biscutata sp. n.
Zetzellia gonzalezi Wood
Zetzellia maori González-Rodríguez
Zetzellia oudemansi Wood
Zetzellia spiculosa sp. n.


Arachnida; Acari; Prostigmata; Raphignathoidea; mites; new genus; new species; taxonomy; keys; biology; immature stages; biological control


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