Trechini (Insecta: Coleoptera: Carabidae: Trechinae)

J Ian Townsend


New Zealand Carabidae of the tribe Trechini are revised and relationships to the world fauna are discussed. Five lineages are recognised in the Trechini, 3 of which occur in New Zealand. The New Zealand fauna includes representatives of lineages that were previously regarded as the subtribes Aepina, Homaloderina, and Trechina. Newly described are 3 new genera (Oarotrechus, Waiputrechus, and Kettlotrechus), 1 new subgenus (Mayotrechus) in the genus Duvaliomimus, 18 new species, and 2 new subspecies. A total of 34 species plus 3 subspecies are recognised as follows: Aepine lineage Kenodactylus audouini (Guérin-Méneville), Kiwitrechus karenscottae Larochelle & Larivière, Maoritrechus rangitotoensis Brookes, M. nunni n. sp., M stewartensis n. sp., Neanops caecus (Britton), N. pritchardi Valentine, Oarotrechus gracilentus n. gen., n. sp., Waiputrechus cavernicola n. gen., n. sp.; Homaloderine lineage Erebotrechus infernus Britton, Kupetrechus lamberti (Britton), K. gracilis n. sp., K. larsonae n. sp.; Trechine lineage Duvaliomimus (D.) walkeri walkeri (Broun), D. (D.) walkeri brittoni Jeannel (new status), D. (D.) australis n. sp., D. (D.) chrystallae n. sp., D. (D.) crypticus n. sp., D. (D.) maori (Jeannel) (re-instated), D. (D.) megawattus n. sp., D. (D.) obscurus n. sp., D. (D.) orientalis Giachino, D. (D.) pseudostyx n. sp., D. (D.) styx Britton, D. (D.) taieriensis n. sp., D. (D.) watti Britton, Duvaliomimus (Mayotrechus) mayae mayae Britton, D. (M.) mayae mayorum n. subsp., Kettlotrechus orpheus (Britton), K. edridgeae n. sp., K. marchanti n. sp., K. millari n.sp., K. pluto (Britton), Scototrechus orcinus Britton, S. hardingi hardingi n. sp., S. hardingi worthyi n. subsp., and S. morti n. sp. Their survival during changing geological episodes is discussed.

Checklist of taxa




Subtribe TRECHINA, Aepine lineage
Genus Kenodactylus Broun, 1909
   audouini (Guérin-Méneville, 1830)

Genus Kiwitrechus Larochelle & Larivière, 2007
   karenscottae Larochelle & Larivière, 2007

Genus Maoritrechus Brookes, 1932
   nunni n. sp.
   rangitotoensis Brookes, 1932
   stewartensis n. sp.

Genus Neanops Britton, 1962
   caecus (Britton, 1960)
   pritchardi Valentine, 1987

Genus Oarotrechus n. g .
   gracilentus n. sp.

Genus Waiputrechus n. g.
   cavernicola n. sp.

Subtribe TRECHINA, Homaloderine lineage
Genus Erebotrechus Britton, 1964
   infernus Britton, 1964

Genus Kupetrechus Larochelle & Larivière, 2007
   gracilis n. sp.
   lamberti (Britton, 1960)
   larsonae n. sp.

Subtribe TRECHINA, Trechine lineage
Genus Duvaliomimus Jeannel, 1928
  Subgenus Duvaliomimus Jeannel, 1928
   australis n. sp.
   chrystallae n. sp.
   crypticus n. sp.
   maori (Jeannel, 1920)
   megawattus n. sp.
   obscurus n. sp.
   orientalis Giachino, 2005
   pseudostyx n. sp.
   styx Britton, 1959
   taieriensis n. sp.
   walkeri walkeri (Broun, 1903)
   walkeri brittoni Jeannel, 1938, n. comb.
   watti Britton, 1958
  Subgenus Mayotrechus new subgenus
   mayae mayae Britton, 1958
   mayae mayorum n. subsp.

Genus Kettlotrechus n. g.
   edridgeae n.sp.
   marchanti n. sp.
   millari n. sp.
   orpheus (Britton, 1962), n. comb.
   pluto (Britton, 1964), n. comb.

Genus Scototrechus Britton, 1962
   hardingi hardingi n. sp.
   hardingi worthyi n. subsp.
   morti n. sp.
   orcinus Britton, 1962


Coleoptera; Carabidae; Trechinae; Trechini; ground beetles; caves; Taxonomy; phylogeny; biology; morphology; keys; new genus; new species


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