Carabidae (Insecta: Coleoptera): synopsis of species, Cicindelinae to Trechinae (in part)

André Larochelle, Marie-Claude Larivière


A synopsis of 134 species and subspecies of New Zealand Carabidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) belonging to the subfamilies Cicindelinae (Cicindelini), Carabinae (Pamborini), Migadopinae (Amarotypini, Migadopini), Scaritinae (Clivinini, Rhysodini), and Trechinae (Moriomorphini, Trechini), is presented. This follows the publication of a synopsis of supraspecific taxa by Larochelle & Larivière (2007, Fauna of New Zealand 60).

This taxonomic overview takes the form of identification guides for taxonomically well-known groups (Amarotypini, Migadopini, Clivinini, Rhysodini, Moriomorphini in part – Mecyclothorax Sharp 1903, Meonochilus Liebherr & Marris 2009, Rossjoycea Liebherr 2011, and Trechini). For lesser-known groups, more detailed taxonomic reviews (Pamborini, Cicindelini) or revisions (Moriomorphini in part – Selenochilus Chaudoir 1878, Molopsida White 1846, Tarastethus Sharp 1883, Trichopsida new genus) are provided. References, habitus photos, and distributional maps are included for all taxa. Descriptions, identification keys, habitus photos, and distributional information are given in reviews and revisions. Information on ecology, biology, and dispersal power is also included in revisions.

Two genera and 16 species are described as new: Zecicindela new genus (type species: Cicindela feredayi Bates, 1867); Trichopsida new genus (type species: Tropopterus oxygonus Broun, 1886); Neocicindela garnerae new species; Selenochilus hinewai new species; Selenochilus hutchisonae new species; Selenochilus omalleyi new species; Molopsida lindrothi new species; Tarastethus sirvidi new species; Trichopsida boltoni new species; Trichopsida erwini new species; Trichopsida goethei new species; Trichopsida hewitti new species; Trichopsida koyai new species; Trichopsida maudensis new species; Trichopsida nitida new species; Trichopsida nunni new species; Trichopsida paturauensis new species; and Trichopsida popei new species.

The taxonomic status of seven taxa is reinstated (valid names listed after equal sign): Cicindela (Neocicindela Rivalier, 1963) = Neocicindela Rivalier, 1963; Tarastethus Sharp, 1883 (previously synonymised with Molopsida White, 1846, type species Tarastethus puncticollis Sharp, 1883); Molopsida alpinalis (Broun, 1893) = Tarastethus alpinalis Broun, 1893; Molopsida convexa (Broun, 1917) = Tarastethus convexus Broun, 1917; Molopsida puncticollis (Sharp, 1883) = Tarastethus puncticollis Sharp, 1883; Molopsida simulans (Broun, 1894) = Tarastethus simulans Broun, 1894; and Molopsida southlandica (Broun, 1908) = Tarastethus southlandicus Broun, 1908.

Twenty new combinations are established including nine changes in taxonomic status (valid names listed after equal sign): Neocicindela hamiltoni (Broun, 1921) = Zecicindela hamiltoni (Broun, 1921); Neocicindela novaseelandica (Horn, 1892) = Zecicindela helmsi novaseelandica (Horn, 1892); Cicindela halli Broun, 1917 = Zecicindela helmsi halli (Broun, 1917); Cicindela circumpictoides Horn, 1900 = Zecicindela helmsi circumpictoides (Horn, 1900); Neocicindela helmsi (Sharp, 1886) = Zecicindela helmsi helmsi (Sharp, 1886); Neocicindela feredayi (Bates, 1867) = Zecicindela feredayi (Bates, 1867); Neocicindela austromontana (Bates, 1878) = Zecicindela austromontana (Bates, 1878); Neocicindela perhispida giveni Brouerius van Nidek, 1965 = Zecicindela giveni (Brouerius van Nidek, 1965); Neocicindela perhispida savilli Wiesner, 1988 = Zecicindela savilli (Wiesner, 1988); Neocicindela brevilunata (Horn, 1926) = Zecicindela brevilunata (Horn, 1926); Neocicindela perhispida campbelli (Broun, 1886) = Zecicindela campbelli (Broun, 1886); Neocicindela perhispida perhispida (Broun, 1880) = Zecicindela perhispida (Broun, 1880); Molopsida debilis (Sharp, 1886) = Trichopsida debilis (Sharp, 1886); Molopsida diversa (Broun, 1917) = Trichopsida diversa (Broun, 1917); Molopsida optata (Broun, 1917) = Trichopsida optata (Broun, 1917); Molopsida oxygona (Broun, 1886) = Trichopsida oxygona (Broun, 1886); Molopsida pretiosa (Broun, 1910) = Trichopsida pretiosa (Broun, 1910); Molopsida propinqua (Broun, 1917) = Trichopsida propinqua (Broun, 1917); Molopsida robusta (Broun, 1921) = Trichopsida robusta (Broun, 1921); and Molopsida simplex (Broun, 1903) = Trichopsida simplex (Broun, 1903).

Thirteen new synonymies are established (valid names listed after equal sign): Sympiestus fallax Broun, 1893 and Sympiestus frontalis Broun, 1917 = Selenochilus syntheticus (Sharp, 1886); Tropopterus sulcicollis Bates, 1874 and Tropopterus marginalis Broun, 1882 = Molopsida antarctica (Laporte de Castelnau, 1867); Tarastethus carbonarius Broun, 1908 = Molopsida polita White, 1846; Tarastethus phyllocharis Broun, 1912, Tarastethus fuscipes Broun, 1923, and Tarastethus insularis Broun, 1923 = Molopsida seriatoporus (Bates, 1874); Tarastethus dubius Broun, 1894 = Molopsida strenua (Broun, 1894); Tarastethus fovealis Broun, 1917 = Tarastethus southlandicus Broun, 1908; Tarastethus longulus Broun, 1917 = Trichopsida debilis (Sharp, 1886); Tarastethus halli Broun, 1917 = Trichopsida diversa (Broun, 1917); and Tarastethus cinctus Broun, 1893 = Trichopsida oxygona (Broun, 1886).

The species Carabus nemoralis O. F. Müller, 1764 is deleted from the New Zealand fauna. The Rhysodini (four genera, six species) are catalogued as a carabid tribe for the first time in the New Zealand literature.

An updated checklist of the New Zealand Carabidae fauna, known from 7 subfamilies, 20 tribes, 97 genera, 518 species, and 18 subspecies, is also provided.

Checklist of taxa

Notes. The higher classification follows Larochelle & Larivière (2007a). Valid genus- and species-group taxa are listed alphabetically (A=Adventive; E=Endemic; N=Native, but not endemic to New Zealand).

Family Carabidae
Subfamily Cicindelinae
Tribe Cicindelini
Subtribe Cicindelina
Genus Neocicindela Rivalier, 1963 E reinstated
dunedensis (Laporte de Castelnau, 1867) E
garnerae E new species
latecincta (White, 1846) E
parryi (White, 1846) E
spilleri Brouerius van Nidek, 1965 E
tuberculata (Fabricius, 1775) E
waiouraensis (Broun, 1914) E

Genus Zecicindela E new genus
austromontana (Bates, 1878) E new combination
brevilunata (Horn, 1926) E new combination
campbelli (Broun, 1886) E new combination and status
feredayi (Bates, 1867) E new combination
giveni (Brouerius van Nidek, 1965) E new combination and status
hamiltoni (Broun, 1921) E new combination
helmsi circumpictoides (Horn, 1900) E new combination and status
helmsi halli (Broun, 1917) E new combination and status
helmsi helmsi (Sharp, 1886) E new combination and status
helmsi novaseelandica (Horn, 1892) E new combination and status
perhispida (Broun, 1880) E new combination and status
savilli (Wiesner, 1988) E new combination and status

Subfamily Carabinae
Tribe Pamborini
Genus Maoripamborus Brookes, 1944 E 
fairburni Brookes, 1944 E

Subfamily Migadopinae
Tribe Amarotypini
Genus Amarotypus Bates, 1872 E 
edwardsii Bates, 1872 E

Tribe Migadopini
Genus Calathosoma Jeannel, 1938 E 
rubromarginatum (Blanchard, 1843) E

Genus Loxomerus Chaudoir, 1842 E 
brevis (Blanchard, 1843) E
huttoni (Broun, 1902) E
katote Johns, 2010 E
nebrioides (Guérin-Méneville, 1841) E

Genus Taenarthrus Broun, 1914 E 
aenigmaticus Johns, 2010 E
aquatilis Johns, 2010 E
capito (Jeannel, 1938) E
curvispinatus Johns, 2010 E
gelidimontanus Johns, 2010 E
latispinatus Johns, 2010 E
lissus Johns, 2010 E
minor Johns, 2010 E
obliteratus Johns, 2010 E
pakinius Johns, 2010 E
philpotti Broun, 1914 E
pluriciliatus Johns, 2010 E
ruaumokoi Johns, 2010 E

Subfamily Scaritinae
Tribe Clivinini
Subtribe Clivinina
Genus Clivina Latreille, 1802 A 
australasiae Boheman, 1858 A
basalis Chaudoir, 1843 A
heterogena Putzeys, 1866 A
vagans Putzeys, 1866 A

Tribe Rhysodini
Subtribe Dhysorina
Genus Tangarona Bell & Bell, 1982 E 
pensa (Broun, 1880) E

Subtribe Rhysodina
Genus Kupeus Bell & Bell, 1982 E 
arcuatus (Chevrolat, 1873) E

Genus Kaveinga Bell & Bell, 1978 N 
Subgenus Ingevaka Bell & Bell, 1979 N 
bellorum Emberson, 1995 E
orbitosa (Broun, 1880) E
Subgenus Vakeinga Bell & Bell, 1979 N 
lusca (Chevrolat, 1875) E

Subtribe Clinidiina
Genus Rhyzodiastes Fairmaire, 1895 N 
Subgenus Rhyzoarca Bell & Bell, 1985 N 
proprius (Broun, 1880) E

Tribe Moriomorphini
Subtribe Amblytelina
Genus Mecyclothorax Sharp, 1903 N 
ambiguus (Erichson, 1842) A
oopteroides Liebherr & Marris, 2009 E
otagoensis Liebherr & Marris, 2009 E
rotundicollis (White, 1846) E

Genus Meonochilus Liebherr & Marris, 2009 E
amplipennis (Broun, 1912) E
bellorum Liebherr, 2011 E
eplicatus (Broun, 1923) E
placens (Broun, 1880) E
rectus Liebherr, 2011 E
spiculatus Liebherr, 2011 E

Genus Selenochilus Chaudoir, 1878 E
hinewai E new species
hutchisonae E new species
oculator (Broun, 1893) E
omalleyi new species E
piceus (Blanchard, 1843) E
ruficornis (Broun, 1882) E
syntheticus (Sharp, 1886) E

Subtribe Moriomorphina
Genus Molopsida White, 1846 E
antarctica (Laporte de Castelnau, 1867) E
cordipennis (Broun, 1912) E
lindrothi new species E
polita White, 1846 E
seriatoporus (Bates, 1874) E
strenua (Broun, 1894) E

Genus Rossjoycea Liebherr, 2011 E
glacialis Liebherr, 2011 E

Genus Tarastethus Sharp, 1883 E reinstated
alpinalis Broun, 1893 E reinstated
convexus Broun, 1917 E reinstated
puncticollis Sharp, 1883 E reinstated
simulans Broun, 1894 E reinstated
sirvidi E new species
southlandicus Broun, 1908 E reinstated

Genus Trichopsida E new genus
boltoni new species E
debilis (Sharp, 1886) E new combination
diversa (Broun, 1917) E new combination
erwini E new species
goethei E new species
hewitti E new species
koyai E new species
maudensis E new species
nitida E new species
nunni E new species
optata (Broun, 1917) E new combination
oxygona (Broun, 1886) E new combination
paturauensis E new species
popei E new species
pretiosa (Broun, 1910) E new combination
propinqua (Broun, 1917) E new combination
robusta (Broun, 1921) E new combination
simplex (Broun, 1903) E new combination

Tribe Trechini
Subtribe Aepina
Genus Kenodactylus Broun, 1909 N 
audouini (Guérin-Méneville, 1830) N

Genus Maoritrechus Brookes, 1932 E
nunni Townsend, 2010 E
rangitotoensis Brookes, 1932 E
stewartensis Townsend, 2010 E

Genus Oarotrechus Townsend, 2010 E
gracilentus Townsend, 2010 E

Subtribe Trechina
Genus Duvaliomimus Jeannel, 1928 E
Subgenus Duvaliomimus Jeannel, 1928 E
australis Townsend, 2010 E
chrystallae Townsend, 2010 E
crypticus Townsend, 2010 E
maori (Jeannel, 1928) E
megawattus Townsend, 2010 E
obscurus Townsend, 2010 E
orientalis Giachino, 2005 E
pseudostyx Townsend, 2010 E
styx Britton, 1959 E
taieriensis Townsend, 2010 E
walkeri brittoni Jeannel, 1938 E
walkeri walkeri (Broun, 1903) E
watti Britton, 1958 E

Subgenus Mayotrechus Townsend, 2010 E
mayae mayae Britton, 1958 E
mayae mayorum Townsend, 2010 E

Genus Erebotrechus Britton, 1964 E
infernus Britton, 1964 E

Genus Kettlotrechus Townsend, 2010 E
edridgeae Townsend, 2010 E
marchanti Townsend, 2010 E
millari Townsend, 2010 E
orpheus (Britton, 1962) E
pluto (Britton, 1964) E

Genus Kiwitrechus Larochelle & Larivière, 2007 E
karenscottae Larochelle & Larivière, 2007 E

Genus Kupetrechus Larochelle & Larivière, 2007 E
gracilis Townsend, 2010 E
lamberti (Britton, 1960) E
larsonae Townsend, 2010 E

Genus Neanops Britton, 1962 E
caecus (Britton, 1960) E
pritchardi Valentine, 1987 E

Genus Scototrechus Britton, 1962 E
hardingi hardingi Townsend, 2010 E
hardingi worthyi Townsend, 2010 E
morti Townsend, 2010 E
orcinus Britton, 1962 E

Genus Waiputrechus Townsend, 2010 E
cavernicola Townsend, 2010 E


Coleoptera; Carabidae; Cicindelinae; Carabinae; Migadopinae; Scaritinae; Trechinae; synopsis of species; Taxonomy; phylogeny; biology; morphology; keys; new genus; new species


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