Callionymus alisae, a new species of dragonet from New Ireland, Papua New Guinea, western Pacific Ocean (Teleostei: Callionymidae)



A new species of dragonet, Callionymus alisae from off New Ireland, Papua New Guinea, is described on the basis of a single male specimen collected with a grab dredge at 90-228 m depth, southwest of Kavieng. The new species is characterised within the subgenus Callionymus (Spinicapitichthys) by preopercular spine with a very short, straight main tip, four to five curved points on its dorsal margin, a strong antrorse spine at its base, and five to eight small serrae at its ventral margin; the dorsal margin of the eye with a tentacle, the dorsal fin in the male without filaments, the first spine longest; a total of 8 rays in the second dorsal fin and 7 rays in the anal fin; and the first dorsal fin in the male zebra-striped, with 4 vertical dark bands on 1st-4th membranes. The new species is compared with similar species. Revised keys to callionymid fish species of New Guinea, as well as of the subgenus Spinicapitichthys, are presented.


Fishes, Dragonets, New species, Identification key, New Guinea.

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