Oxynoemacheilus elsae, a new species from the Urmia Lake basin of Iran (Teleostei: Nemacheilidae)

Soheil EAGDERI, Paria JALILI, Erdoğan ÇIÇEK


A new species of nemacheilid fish, Oxynoemacheilus elsae sp. n. is described Zarineh River, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran. The species differs from its congeners in the combination of the following characters: flank with elliptical pale brown blotches on the lateral line sometimes fused to posterior saddles or plain brawn with mottled pattern; longer dorsal and anal-fin bases; wider caudal peduncle; complete lateral line; 3 central and 4 lateral pores in the supra-temporal canal; lower lip thick with a deep median interruption.


Freshwater fish, Taxonomy, Morphology, Loach.

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