Welcome to the restructured Herpetology Notes!

With a new Editorial Management Team, consisting of Hinrich Kaiser as Editor-in-Chief, and Anamarija Zagar, Alessandro Morais, and Hendrik Müller as Managing Editors, plus 30-odd Associate Editors, we are looking forward to serving your needs when it comes to your smaller papers. Herpetology Notes is designed to be a streamlined publication venue for those little things we all know are important, but for which we sometimes don't find a good place elsewhere. We try to get your paper reviewed and published in a 90-day period from submission, including a 30-day window from final acceptance to publication.
We sincerely apologize to those of you, whose manuscripts were affected by our restructuring. These were difficult times for all of us, and if things fell through the cracks, we hope to have rectified them by now. If there is ever a time when you do not hear from us in the time frame we indicate, please, never hesitate to send us reminders!
There are few visible changes if you are an author considering submission of a manuscript. As before, there are two types of manuscripts, Full Articles and Short Notes, and you will find the relevant information in the Instructions for Authors. We have retained the €25 submission fee to support our typesetting operations, and after final acceptance we will charge an additional €5 for pages of Full Article that go over four pages in final layout. In the past, there have been very few articles that went beyond this limit, but the workload increases substantially with longer papers. There are no additional charges for Short Notes, since these are only one or two pages long in final layout.
Please contact any of us with your questions!
We are looking forward to receiving your submissions.